I haven't been posting much on here lately because I have been busy promoting the book, and building 2 other blog sites; one for the book, one for day-to-day life.
        Lately I have been considering starting another blog site for more of a personal page, whereas this site is scoped more at my book(s) and publishing ventures. I wanted to be able to share some of my strange adventures. Life has things happening in all directions, and I try to be observant of everything.  While thinking of my new blogging tool, I read a lot of threads regarding WordPress vs Blogger. I already had this WordPress account, and am very happy with it, but I didn’t know anything about any of the other blog platforms. Most opinions in these blog forums were inconclusive; meaning that it was basically half and half. It was like reading a Ford vs Chevy forum, both sides listing reasonable arguements, but when the smoke settled, it was still balanced in the middle with no true victor.
       I decided on creating a blog page on Blogger, or blogspot.com, after much dileberation, based simply on the aspect that Blogger allows you to post videos and mp3′s. That is something I need in order to be able to post the descriptive and interactive blogs that I have in mind. Now the world can see the video of a skunk being shooed towards me titled: Woods Pussy…can’t wait…
        Now I have three pages I blog on, 2 regarding my book(s), and the other for daily life. I urge everybody interested to check out all 3 pages, as they will all contain different content. If you check out The Blog Sniper, don’t forget to feed the fish… :p



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