My Publisher, Rebecca J. Vickery informed me today the book may be up in e-book form by tomorrow, and print editions ready to go, too.  It has 2 different ISBN numbers, one for each form.  I approved the final galley and covers earlier today, and the book is going to look awesome! It's nice to see something in your mind become something real, tangible. The e-book will sell for $2.99, and the print version will go for $8.95, plus shipping. You will find that these prices are very reasonable, compared to anything similar, and with today's economy in mind.
   I have been trying to update this site here and there today with hopes to make it easy and fun for visitors to navigate. I added a comment feature to the blog posts (at least I think I did...) because I think it is very important to get feedback about this site, and about this book. This new book is important to me, but I have bigger things in the works, so I'm trying to balance it all. I appreciate any comments and tips on how to make this website better, comments and criticism about my book so I can know what the people want.
   I will let you all know the second the book, Field Combat Manual For Zombie Slayers, is up for sale, I hope you buy it and enjoy it...  :)

Marc T. Sherman

 From the book  -  "Common sense, practice, and the ability to think fast should help you get through most situations.  The world has changed, and unfortunately, you must fight for your life each and every day."