Yes!  Finally a free moment to blog on my website.  This summer has been amazingly miserable as far as the heat goes, and for finances.  It looks like I won't see any money from royalties til November because my book came out late in the last quarter.  I kinda figured it would be like that, but still hits hard when this has been my only income outside of small projects here and there.  I have hopes that the next quarter's sales will be greater, but am going to try to send my positive beacons out there in all other directions in the meantime.
     So, here's what's been happening at the Zombie Slayer For Hire camp:  I have been reviewing 5 books as a judge for the 2011 Poynter eBook Awards.  A lot of talent, but some of what I have been reading has been crap.  Luckily, there is enough imagination for all us to exist in this literary pond.  Good luck to those contestants.  I have also been truckin' away at my book Necro Gears, a Steampunk zombie thriller.  I can't finish this book fast enough, I am so excited to share it with the world.  It may be a little ahead of its time, but I think people will like the direction I have taken the zombie movement in this one.  You won't have read anything like it, I promise.  I have already written one steamy sex scene into it, and will probably add another before all is said and done.  Writing a sex scene isn't as easy as one would think.  My imagination (and experience) paints a good picture in my head, but transcribing that to print isn't so easy.  I don't know how long a scene like that is supposed to show on paper, but my imagination says it goes on all night. 
     Also, I'll be attending the 2011 East Texas Book Fest at UT Tyler on Saturday, Sept. 10.  That is going to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait to talk to fellow authors.  I encourage you to stop by if you can make it.  There will be a lot of Children's and Young Adult authors there, which makes me want to put out a YA book.  I have an idea for one, but it is currently in the form of a screenplay, so I will have to decide which direction that idea will have to go.  The good thing about writers, is that we never run out of imaginative ideas for stories.  The bad thing is, that we don't have enough time to develop these ideas in the time we want to.  On September 17th, I will be doing a book signing at Hasting's in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.  September will be a very busy and productive month for me, I just hope I'll make some money.
     With all that is going on, I should hire a troll or something to maintain/update my sites so I can keep on writing, but a loyal troll is hard to find.  We have so much going on, its a bit overwhelming, but good.  Terri is making a lot of progress on her book Dead Hill, a zombie thriller I think the world will love to read.  It tells a gritty tale of a post-apocyliptic world ravaged by Zombies, and a community who must face these terrors on a daily basis, while still maintaining a society.  Look for Dead Hill and Necro Gears to come out around October, I hope.  
     Lot of good stuff going on in the realm of zombies right now, and I'm happy to be a part of it.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, I appreciate your interest.  If you Twitter, look me up - @marcz0m_bslayer.  And if you would like to read my other blogs, visit me at:  http://zombieslayerfor, and http://the

Peace y'all,
Marc  :)