The title of my new book is: Field Combat Manual For Zombie Slayers.  It will be out soon in every format imaginable, even print.  The manual is published by Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing, and a price will be available soon.
  I wrote this book for fun, mainly, but also to show a reader what may exist if a Zombie outbreak did occur.  I am very fascinated with the Zombie movement, and have always enjoyed practically every Zombie film ever produced.  To me they could be real, my imagination has encountered them on many occasions, in every scenario imaginable.  Being so real, the book was fun to write, and I hope readers, adult and kids alike, enjoy it as much.  I also have in the works, two more Zombie books, one of which is based in the SteamPunk era, a screenplay about Zombies, and a short story about Chupacabra.  Telling stories about Zombies is a way for me to exercise my creativity limitlessly, and I hope by you reading my books, it may inspire you to write creatively.

Cover of my new book, layout and finalization by Laura Shinn, of Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing..