I have another book signing coming up on September 17th at Hasting's in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.  I'm hoping some younger folks will come out.  The book liason at Hasting's assured this is a good date for both the younger crowd, and their parents to come out, as this is 'back-to-school' time.  By mid-September, the students will already be sick of teachers, and teachers will be thinking of the kids as zombies...

       Today my first shipment of Zombie Slayer wristbands and stickers should arrive.  I am excited to see the wristbands, as I like this style. But I am more excited to have the stickers, so that I can plaster one on my Mom's car, right next to my Dad's NRA sticker...  If you ordered either or both, I will be mailing them to you directly.
       Please check out my 'Buy Now' page, you will like these products, and I will be adding more styles and designs soon, as well as some new products.