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  If you follow this blog, you may have been thinking I have neglected this page because I haven't posted lately. Nope, I have just been hella busy with everything related to this book.
First, I have started a Twitter account to further promote my book, and as a personal outlet. The Twitter is cool because a LOT of people see it. There's a lot of 'follow fleets' to avoid, and RT chains, but it's still a useful tool to promote myself with. I am meeting and linking with many good authors and others alike.

     Lately I have been spending time behind the scenes of my websites sprucing them up a little. For instance, I added a site track widget to a couple of my pages. Yes, I'm nosey. I have been noticing a few patternistic behaviors from my site stats, so I wanted to confirm my suspicions about a couple of cyber-shadows. Plus, it's fun to see what parts of the world site traffic is coming from. I am getting good response from Germany and some other UK places; bueno. I know my haterz like to check in on me from time time, and I appreciate that. Yes, I am doing fine. I don't care who you are, everybody is welcome here. If you like my words, then please leave me a message or e-mail letting me know. With your feedback, I can know what topics people find interesting or not. Becoming a writer means you have to be pushed out into the light, so to speak. The more popular or famous you become, the more society pushes you out of the darkness and into the light, like it or not. If you are on Twitter, look me up. @marcz0m_bslayer

     I have also been selected to be a judge in Dan Poynter's 2011 Global eBook Awards. This is quite an honor as these are all good authors and the competition will be fierce. Two of the books I have chosen to judge are zombie books; how awesome is that? I will be reading 5 books for review, unless I find more titles that pique my interest. The entry deadline had come and passed before I knew of the contest, so the Field Manual won't be judged. I will keep you well informed on this event. Joseph Dowdy has done an amazing job of preparing  for and hosting this event, and I am very thankful to be working with him.

     Also in the works is new merchandise for the Zombie Slayer series. We should have new stickers and wristbands coming out by Fall, and also some other things such as Zombie Targets. There are ones available, but none like ours. We will be offering the 'Tombstone' series, and Law Enforcement style large targets. We're still working on the graphic design, but they are going to be pretty bad ass. More on that as it develops.

     In between all of that, I am still trucking along on Necro-Gears, my next book. The storyline is amazing, and I can't wait to unleash it on the world. I think people are really going to like it. I'm still developing the storyline for the Chance Mason, Zombie Slayer series, which will tie in directly with the Field Combat Manual For Zombie Slayers. In a sense, Chance Mason wrote the Field Manual. I hope to have the next book done within the next 45 days, but we'll see with all these books I will be reading.

     Now you can see why I have not been blogging as much lately. Everything in stages. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and if you would like to read about more of my personal life, check out my other blog at The Blog Sniper

Marc :)