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This website has been created for the promotion of my new book; Field Combat Manual For Zombie Slayers, and to promote the general interest of The Zombie movement. We are Zombie freaks, and will feature anything Zombie-related that we are involved with.   If you have any news relating to Zombies, then please share it in our blog page.   Check this site often, as we will be updating it frequently, and please blog with us so we can better prepare the world for Zombies.  Follow The Zombie Slayers on their quest for existence.





 Upcoming News:  My new book, entitled Field Combat Manual For Zombie Slayers will be available soon on Kindle, SmashWords, iPad, and various other forms of e- publishing, as well as in print form.  It is published through Rebecca J. Vickery Publisher, and I urge you to check out her website for many more good titles in books.   This book is fun, yet informative, and a must-have for anyone.


UPDATE:  The book is now available for purchase everywhere!!!!


Below is a Sales Rank indicator based on Kindle e-book sales through Amazon.com.  


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